• BuckWyllie

Behind the scenes - Museum Pedestals For A New Gallery

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Art pedestals. We make quite a few of them at our shop. How many? Sometimes one or two, sometimes A TON. In fact over the last 17 years our head builder Brain has become the preferred provider of art pedestals to many local galleries and artists!

A few months back we got an inquiry on a large order of pedestals from a local curator. Here's a little behind the scenes look at what went into those and where they ended up.

Making more pedestals than fit in the shop. Here's round 1; glued, taped and waiting to dry.

Once dry they are puttied and sanded until perfectly smooth.

After they've been sanded completely smooth they're ready for finish. Finish can be anything from a stained wood, a chosen veneer, a custom lacquer or in this case a textured finish in their color of choice.

So how does one deliver 30+ large wooden boxes still damp and unable to touch one another? One rents a 40 foot box truck and packs it very strategically.

After delivering these to the museum that would be their new home they sat in a storage closet while we impatiently waited to see what would become of them.

A few months later......

If you're local and haven't been before go check out The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art. The place is awesome and we're thrilled to have our pieces there.